At a meeting in Waynesville, NC, on 20 Feb 2016, the Western Waters Chapter voted to re-elect its current officers for another year. Joe Sam Queen is President, Dr. Kenneth Israel is Vice-President and Bill McEntire remains Secretary.

Dr. Israel is to assume the presidency in March, 2017 for a one year term. Plans were made for several meetings with Nadia Dean to speak. John Slaughter of “Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution-Pensions” will also speak at another meeting.

A bus trip to see the play “Liberty” at Sycamore Shoals in July is moving along with brisk ticket sales and interest in the trip from SAR, DAR and the Haywood County Historical and Genealogical Society. Sycamore Shoals is at Fort Watauga in Elizabethon, Tennessee, a state park.

Tickets are $60 each and may be obtained by calling Bill McEntire at 828-648-0816 or emailĀ . Included in the price is the bus trip, a gourmet snack bag, a picnic lunch, the fort and museum, also the 2-act play “Liberty” about the Revolutionary War in East Tennessee, or if you prefer, Washington County, North Carolina. We are also planning a bus trip in October to Kings Mountain National Battleground. Seating is limited to 52 total so please call or contact quickly!