• November 21, 1789

    North Carolina was the 12th state to ratify the U. S. Constitution.

  • 1788

    Constitutional Convention met in Hillsborough. Raleigh chosen as state capital. (Orange)

  • October 15, 1781

    Raft Swamp

    Whigs routed Tories after McPhaul’s Mill. (Robeson)

  • Sepember 14, 1781

    Lindley's Mill

    Gen. Butler and 300 Whigs attempted to rescue Gov. Burke and 13 others from David Fanning’s 600 Tories. The previous day Fanning and 21 to 22 of his men had ridden into Hillsborough in broad daylight and captured the Governor. (Alamance)

  • September 1, 1781

    McPhaul's Mill

    Tory forces under David Fanning routed Whig force under Thomas Wade. (Hoke)

  • August 29, 1781

    Battle of Elizabethtown

    70 Whigs under Col. Thomas Robeson defeated a force of 400 Tories under Col. John Slingsby. After most of the Tory officers had been killed or wounded, the remaining fled, many into a ravine since called Tory Hole. (Bladen)

  • August 19, 1781

    New Bern occupied by British soldiers.

  • August 5, 1781

    House in the Horseshoe (Alston House)

    Tories under David Fanning attacked the Whig forces of Col. Phillip Alston camped at his house. Alston surrendered. (Moore)

  • Autgust 2, 1781

    Battle of Rockfish

    British under Major Craig defeated 330 N. C. Militia under General Caswell and Col. Kenan. 20-30 Whigs were taken prisoner. (Duplin)

  • July 16, 1781

    Old Chatham Courthouse

    Newly appointed Tory Col. David Fanning and his militia of Chatham and Randolph counties guarded the roads leading to the Courthouse and captured most of the Whig militia officers of the county. (Chatham)