Save the Date, 28 August, 2021 – 247th Anniversary Observance of the New Bern Resolves!!

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The first Provincial Congress to be held in America in open defiance of royal authority was conducted in the Craven County Court House, New Bern, NC during 25-27 August 1774 and is one of the most important contributions to the American Revolutionary movement. The court house was located at the current intersection of Middle & Broad Streets until destroyed by fire in 1865. Seventy-one (71) delegates representing 30 of 36 counties and 6 of 9 boroughs met in defiance of the British Royal Crown at the 1st North Carolina Provincial Congress to discuss the grievances against numerous taxes and laws imposed on the Colonists by the Royal Crown and the British Parliament. Twenty-eight (28) resolutions or resolves were issued in response to the unjust taxes and laws. Richard Caswell, William Hooper and Joseph Hewes were elected as delegates to the 1st Continental
An observance of the 1st North Carolina Provincial Congress will be held on Saturday, 28 August 2021 in New Bern, NC in order to recognize and honor the bravery of the 71 delegates and mark the importance of the 1st NC Provincial Congress in North Carolina and American history, especially for its significance toward the outcome of the American Revolution.
A fifteen (15) minute procession involving members of the Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, St. Johns Masonic Lodge #3, the Continental Line and Fife & Drum of the North Carolina History Center at Tryon Palace, Boy Scouts of America, numerous local schools and other patriotic and civic organizations will move south on Middle Street from the Centenary United Methodist Church parking lot (crossing Broad Street) to the Colonial Chapel of Christ Episcopal Church.
A one-hour ceremony will be held at the Colonial Chapel at Christ Episcopal Church and will include a keynote address by Dr. Joseph Beatty, Research Supervisor, Historical Research and Publication Office, NC Office of Archives and History. The ceremony will conclude with a rendering of honors for the 71 Delegates and Resolves of the 1st North Carolina Provincial Congress.