SAR Presents Medal for Heroism

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The SAR Medal for Heroism recognizes outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger, i.e., acts which involve great personal courage and risk to the recipient. It is intended primarily for acts by civilians’ not in uniform but does not exclude police, firemen, and SAR members.  Officer Curtis Batchelor of the Roanoke Rapids Police Department has been selected for this prestigious award.

On February 26, 2019 Officer Curtis Batchelor was off duty and heading back to Roanoke Rapids when he happened upon a wreck near mile marker 140 approaching the Dortches exit. According to an article in the Rocky Mount Telegram there were four injured in a car crash on I-95 North. The vehicle allegedly hit a tractor trailer after running off the road to the right of the tractor trailer, which was traveling in the left lane. The vehicle over corrected and hit the tractor trailer and crashed in a wooded area. This is where Officer Curtis Batchelor and others sprang into action trying to help the family in the crash. Officer Batchelor and Chris Frisbee (Greenville Native) were able to get the two front passengers out of the vehicle before it was consumed by flames. The heroic actions of these two and others helped emergency responders get the victims to hospitals to care for injuries sustained in the crash. Officer Batchelor has maintained contact with the driver’s mother to monitor how the victims of the wreck are recovering. The Roanoke Rapids Police Department is proud of the actions of Officer Curtis Batchelor and the others that stopped to render aid to this family. The actions of Officer Batchelor are to be commended and shared with the community he protects and serves. This is a great example of what officers do even when they are off and happen upon accidents or other events that they can assist in, they don’t think of themselves, they are thinking of the victims involved and want to help anyway they can. Halifax Resolves

Chapter members E. C. Bobbitt and Ken Wilson presented the award.

E. C. Bobbitt, Officer Curtis Batchelor, Ken Wilson