SAR Chapter Officers Talk at Elementery School About Veterans Day

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On November 13th, Mrs. Cromer’s class had the privilege to talk to some very special veterans. Rear Admiral Jay DeLoach (U.S. Navy), Sergeant Gary Gillette (U.S. Air Force), Master Gunnery Sergeant Ron Perez (U.S. Marine Corps) and Chief Warrant Officer Karen Hacker (U.S. Marine Corps) came to her classroom to talk with her 3rd graders about what jobs they did while in the service and why we celebrate Veterans Day. Her students loved learning more about the 5 branches of the military. These four American heroes, along with many other veterans, will be featured in a book her students have written/ illustrated and will be published in December entitled “V” Is For Veteran. Also, her students will be participating in the Sons of The American Revolution annual poster contest in which Sergeant Gillette (New Bern Chapter Registrar) and Rear Admiral DeLoach (New Bern Chapter VP) are members. The theme this year is Revolutionary War Person.