Newest New Bern SAR Member Inducted

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On August 8th, with the Tryon Palace as a back drop, Ryan Morgan Reid was inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), New Bern Chapter, joining his father, William Reid, of New Bern.  As a member of the SAR, Ryan’s honoring his ancestor, James Read, who lived in Prince Edward Co, Virginia and on Sept 24th, 1776, signed the “Prince Edward Petition”.  This document petitioned the General Assembly to abolish all privileges of the Church of England in Virginia and to allow Protestants full religious liberty without having to pay taxes to support clergymen of any denomination, and to allow clergymen of any denomination to perform marriages, and to terminate the Church of England’s official connection with the government of Virginia.  Ryan currently works for the State Department and is a resident of Maryland.

Pictured from left to right are Rolf Maris (New Bern Chapter President), Ryan Reid, his wife Lara, Ryan’s father William Reid and his wife Teri.