Halifax Resolves and Alamance Battleground Chapters Conduct Veterans Ceremonies

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Halifax Resolves Chapter President Ken Wilson and Alamance Battleground Chapter Past President Dr. Samuel C. Powell conducted two Veterans Day ceremonies during the Sunday morning worship services at Calvary Baptist Church in Roanoke Rapids, NC. A church member and a USAF retiree, Mr. Butch Coons assisted.  Compatriots Wilson and Powell presented the colors and posted them following the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.  Compatriot Wilson recognized the veterans in the congregation before explaining the origins of Veterans Day and reading the poem “It Has Always Been the Soldier” by Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain. Dr. Powell made some comments about the SAR and veterans before explaining the meaning of each item on the POW/MIA table at the front of the sanctuary.  Mr. Coons read the meaning of the 13 Folds of the U.S. flag as Compatriots Wilson and Powell brought in a folded flag that was placed on the POW/MIA table at the end of the reading.


Compatriots Wilson and Powell prepare to present the folded flag as Mr. Coons reads the 13 Folds of the U.S. Flag.