241st Anniversary of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

Jay Joyce
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Compatriots from across North and South Carolina gathered in the rain in Uptown Charlotte to celebrate the 241st annual commemoration of the Signing of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.

“It was unfortunate that the weather attempted to ruin the large crowds from gathering to observe the annual event,” said Jay Joyce, president of the Mecklenburg Chapter. “But we held the ceremony anyway, indoors, then proceeded outdoors to unveil the new NC Highway Marker and the annual trek to Settlers’ Cemetery to honor COL Thomas Polk.”

SAR - MeckDec May 20 2016 1
The NC Historical Marker was unveiled to honor the Signing of the Mecklenburg Resolves at the intersection of Trade & Tryon Streets in Uptown Charlotte.
MeckDec 2016 on May 20th with the Mecklenburg SAR.
North Carolina SAR state president Gary Greene monitors the musket volley following the unveiling of the new NC State Historical Marker in Charlotte.
SAR - MeckDec 2016 3
(Left to right) Member of the Charlotte Independence Soccer Team, Mecklenburg chapter member John Allen, Past South Carolina SAR State President Dan Woodruff and Mecklenburg chapter member Jim Tatum attend the indoors ceremony for the MeckDec.
SAR - MeckDec 2016 4
Members of the SAR Combined Color Guard present the Colors at the opening ceremony of the MeckDec 2016 ceremony.
SAR - MeckDec 2016 5
With fife and drum leading the Color Guard, the annual march to Settlers’ Cemetery from Uptown Charlotte begins.