Raleigh Chapter Group

Welcome to the Raleigh Chapter of the North Carolina Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NCSSAR).

We are a historical, educational, and patriotic organization that seeks to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, an appreciation for true patriotism, a respect for our national symbols and the value of American citizenship. We are the largest of the twenty five (25) Chapters of the NCSSAR which is one of the fifty (50) State Chapters who make up the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR).

The NSSAR is often referred to as the SAR. Our criterion for membership is the same as that of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). We and the DAR have been chartered by Congress and the membership is based upon the Veteran status of our genealogical ancestor. However, the Veteran of the Revolution is defined as a participant in some part of the American Revolution, which includes many more activities than being a soldier. A Veteran can be someone who supported the Revolution by paying taxes (taxes were voluntary during this period), or voted in an election, or served by holding a public office, sold goods to the Army, or signed a “Loyalty Oath during the Revolution. In North Carolina a “”Loyalty Oath” had to be taken prior to making application for a grant of the King’s land. In other words if your ancestor would have been considered guilty of treason by the British authorities during 1775—1783 you probably are eligible for membership.

We support many service projects related to Boy Scouts, Junior ROTC, ROTC, Essay competitions, and the Tar Heel Junior Historian Awards. Each year we present awards and attend ceremonies recognizing law enforcement officers, public safety officers, and other citizens who exemplify the best traditions of our nation. We support programs that provide service to our Veterans and attempt to honor, respect, and acknowledge their contribution to our Nation. This provides us with the opportunity to continue the activities that represents the continuation of the ideals Our Nation was founded upon.

We have developed a busy schedule for our Color Guard so that they can add a historic touch to many of the public ceremonies in the area. As one of the original thirteen Colonies, we have many places to visit and many opportunities to participate in historical observances that the other thirty seven states do not abundantly contain. We have watched these activities grow within the last ten years and recognize that this is a special resource for North Carolina. Members can participate with the Color Guard and attend these special events. We have the honor of marking many Patriot Graves during the year. The graves of the patriot soldiers were not marked at the time of their death. In this sense we attend to the preservation of history.

Our chapter has traditionally held two formal banquets a year with a program that supports the preservation of Revolutionary period history. We usually schedule about six informal meetings per year. Our National and State organizations are serious about the effort to preserve the history of the founding of our country. Our magazines and state and national meetings are heavily devoted to continuing this effort and have been especially successful in preserving the role of the French and Spanish assistance during the Revolution. Without this type of effort, our understanding of this period would diminish. We can learn a great deal about the struggle our ancestors encountered and note how it preserves many lessons for us today. For more information, visit our Facebook Page or our homepage.