Halifax Resolves Day 2024

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Halifax Resolves Day

 “The Halifax Resolves SAR Chapter commemorates the 1776 adoption of the Halifax Resolves and kickoffs the State of North Carolina’s USA 250th Celebration”

Dateline: Halifax, NC – April 12, 2024 — The Halifax Resolves Chapter of the North Carolina Sons of the American Revolution, celebrated the 248th Anniversary of the Halifax Resolves on the grounds of the Colonial Courthouse in Halifax, NC.  At this location in 1776, a resolution was adopted by the Fourth North Carolina Provincial Congress, declaring the state’s desire to declare its independence from Great Britain.  The resolves would be sent to Philadelphia, PA, authorizing her delegates to the Continental Congress to vote for independence, which would later become the Declaration of Independence. The ceremony signified a significant announcement, as the layout of the Courthouse was illustrated to showcase its dimensions and position.

Carl Burke, Site Manager for Historic Halifax, extended a warm welcome, succeeded by introductory remarks from Bill Riggan, President of the Halifax Resolves Chapter, who also served as the event’s Master of Ceremonies. The invocation was delivered by Reverend Chris Grimes, Chaplain of the NCSSAR, while Mark Pace, Vice-President of the NCSSAR Halifax Resolves, led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Harry Albert, Chaplain of Halifax Resolves, led the SAR Pledge. The Presentation of the Colors was carried out by the NC SAR Color Guard, under the command of Commander Stephen McKee. During the ceremony, Chris Grimes read the Halifax Resolves, and the following individuals extended greetings: Gary O. Green, Genealogist General of the National SAR; Steve A. Van Pelt, President of the NC SAR; Adrienne Chafee, Corresponding Secretary of the NC DAR; Dorothy Johnson, Chaplain of the NC CAR; Gary L. Hall, Secretary of the NC SR; Mark Jakobowki, President of the VA SR; Sheryll Albert, NC Governor of the Society of the DSDI; Dia Denton, Halifax County Manager; and Chris Lewis, Master of the Royal White Hart #2 Masonic Lodge.

Halifax County Manager, Dia Denton, presented a Proclamation to Bill Riggan, acknowledging the historical importance of the day’s proceedings. Following this, Riggan introduced the event’s Guest Speaker, Dr. Carole Troxler, Professor Emerita of Elon University.

Gary O. Green, Genealogist General, presented the National Society Sons of the American Revolution wreath. State society wreaths and chapter wreaths were then presented by their respective representatives, including the following organizations.

North Carolina Society Sons of the American Revolution

North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution

North Carolina Sons of the American Revolution

Virginia Sons of the American Revolution

North Carolina Sons of the Revolution

Virginia Sons of the Revolution

North Carolina Children of the American Revolution

Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

NC SAR Chapters

Alamance Battleground Chapter

Albemarle Chapter

Blue Ridge Chapter

General George Washington Chapter

Le Marquis de Lafayette Chapter

Mecklenburg Chapter

New Bern Chapter

Old North State Chapter

VA SAR Chapters

Dan River Chapter

NC DAR Chapters

Micajah Bullock Chapter

Susanna Coutanch Chapter

William Gaston Chapter

Samuel Johnston Chapter

Elizabeth Montfort-Ashe Chapter

John Penn Chapter

Micajah Pettaway-Halifax Resolves Chapter

Moseley-Bright Chapter

Shocco Creek Chapter

Government Officials

Dia Denton, County Manager, Halifax County


Carl Burke

Site Manager, Historic Halifax

Bill Riggan


Halifax Resolves Chapter

Chris Grimes

Chaplain, NC SAR

Dia Denton

Halifax County Manager