Halifax Resolves Inducts New Slate of Officers

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The Halifax Resolves Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution kicked off the new year with the induction of a new slate of officers, recognition of members and support people, and the induction of a new member.  Chris Grimes, Sr. VP, NCSSAR, traveled to Halifax on the night of January 10th to assist with inductions and warm regards for the chapter.

See below, for all of those recognized at the meeting.

Geoff Pittard, President presenting Frankie King and Linda Pressley the SAR Henry Knox Medals

Chris Grimes, Sr. VP, NCSSAR inducting new officers

Chris Grimes, Sr. VP, NCSSAR presenting the neck ribbon to new president Bill Riggan

Bill Riggan, President, Halifax Resolves Chapter NCSSAR

2024 Halifax Resolves Officers. Michael Cooper, Secretary; Mark Pace, Vice President; Bill Riggan, President; Steve Avent, Treasurer

Chris Grimes, Sr. VP NCSSAR presenting Geoff Pittard with the Chapter Distinguished Service Medal

Geoff Pittard, Past President presenting Bill Riggan, President with the Meritorious Service Medal

President, Bill Riggan presenting newly inducted member, Tucker Nobles his SAR Rosette

Geoff Pittard, Past President presenting Renny Taylor the Roger Sherman Medal