SAR & DAR Chapters Join Together for Genealogy Workshop

Jay Joyce
Posted in: News

The Catawba Valley Chapter, the Mecklenburg Chapter, SAR, the Battle of Kings Mountain Chapter, SAR, and the Jacob Forney Chapter, DAR, joined forces to present a genealogy workshop and symposium at the Lincoln County Historical Association in Lincolnton, NC today. In the photo below, Catawba Valley SAR chapter president Jack Bowman, at right, kicks off the genealogy workshop. Compatriot Bowman organized the SAR and DAR workshop and publicized the event through area media.

SAR Catawba Valley chapter president Jack Bowman kicks off the SAR and DAR Genealogy Workshop on February 20, 2016 in Lincolnton, NC.

“One of our chapter growth goals is to team up with our SAR brothers and DAR sisters to co-sponsor more community events,” said Ken Luckey, Mecklenburg chapter vice president. “We believe that the more opportunities we can do together between the SAR and DAR societies will lead to more growth for both organizations. Plus, the co-sponsored events always bring out more people and it ends up being more productive.” In the below photo, Ken Luckey discusses genealogy with a potential SAR member.

Mecklenburg chapter vice president Ken Luckey at the Genealogy workshop on February 20 2016 in Lincolnton, NC.

Representing the Catawba Valley SAR chapter were Jack Bowman, Ted Kinker and Donnie Hoyle. Mecklenburg chapter members in attendance were Ken Luckey, Jay Joyce, Jim Tatum and John Allen. Battle of Kings Mountain chapter members included Brian Smith and Doyle Campbell, also the Foothills District Vice President.