New Bern Chapter Presents Heroism Medal

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On May 16, 2024, at 2:18 am, Officer Michael Zak responded to the Alfred Cunningham Bridge in downtown New Bern in reference to a suspicious subject. Shortly after arriving on scene, a 38-year-old female got out of her car and started walking to the side of the bridge. She then climbed onto the railing and attempted to jump into the river. Without hesitation and while knowingly placing himself at risk of being pulled over the rail himself, Officer Zak secured the woman, pulling her back over the rail preventing her from certain death or serious injury.
Officer Zak is certified in Crisis Intervention and as a result of his training and quick and decisive actions, he ultimately saved this woman’s life. She is now receiving the mental health treatment she needs.
On June 27th, 2024, members of the NCSAR, New Bern Chapter, attended a special presentation at the New Bern City Police Department to recognize the actions of Officer Zak. In recognition of his outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger, thus exemplifying the high ideals and principles which motivated and sustained our patriot ancestors, Gary Gillette, President of the New Bern Chapter, had the privilege, and honor to present Officer Michael Zak, the Sons of the American Revolution “Medal for Heroism”. New Bern Police Chief Patrick Gallagher was also present to help honor Officer Zak.
Congrats to Police Officer Zap and thank you for your service to our community.
Other members of the NCSAR New Bern Chapter in attendance were: Bob Ainsley, Glen Carpenter, Jay DeLoach, Rick Layton, Warren Knudson, Bruce Martin, and Bob Mull.