Blue Ridge Color Guard Members Present Educational Event in Weaverville North Carolina

Ron Hillabrand
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Chartered 21 April 1928 in Asheville, North Carolina, later became the Blue Ridge Chapter, and is the oldest active Chapter in Western North Carolina.

On March 22, 2024, at the Dry Ridge Historical Museum in Weaverville, North Carolina, at 10:30 a.m., in a packed, over-flow crowd of about 70 museum members, Western Region NCSSAR Vice President Craig Issacson and Blue Ridge Chapter Garry Linton gave a 90-minute presentation about how the Revolutionary War was won in the Southern theatre. The captivated audience was shown how the battles in the Southern theatre were instrumental in the eventual surrender of Cornwallis to Nathan Greene in 1781. The gritty details of who and what they had to overcome to outsmart the British were explained with a message both Craig and Garry gave from their hearts. They noted in many battles, that children as young as 12 years old, actively fought in the Militia to defeat the world’s strongest army.

Craig Issacson

Garry gave several demonstrations about the use of gunpowder and displayed his replica rifle like those that were used during the Revolutionary War.

Blue Ridge Chapter President Steve Greene presented a SAR Flag Certificate for the proper display of the American Flag at the Museum.

Steve Greene

Their stunning presentation was overwhelmingly approved by all the members in attendance at this eye-opening educational event.

It is easy to see that the Blue Ridge Chapter is an active, energetic busy Chapter that is always looking for new members to help us reach our challenging goals for the recognition of the sacrifices our Patriots made for us to enjoy all the Freedoms we have today.