SAR Veterans Corps

Denny Colvin
Posted in: News

As we recognize all Veterans’ service in Veterans Day observances today and tomorrow, it is also an appropriate time to remind SAR members of recognition available to them from the Society.

SAR compatriots may apply to the SAR Veterans Recognition Committee for a Certificate of Patriotism.  Once approved, this authorizes the member to receive either the SAR War Service Medal or the SAR Military Service Medal and allows enrollment in individual SAR Veterans Corps — World War II, Korean Service, Vietnam War, Southwest Asia, Special Operations, and Military Service.  Within these Corps there are a varying number of Certificates of Patriotism, depending on the Operation or Expedition in which the Veteran participated.  Members of these Corps are listed on the NSSAR website.

To apply, the SAR Veteran must submit a NSSAR Veterans Multi-Corps Recognition Form, along with appropriate documentation.  GFN members are welcome to contact Chapter Secretary Denny Colvin at for further information.

And to all Veterans, thank you for your service.