The Halifax Resolves SAR Chapter honors SAR Compatriots with Grave Marking Ceremonies

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Compatriot Grave Marking Ceremonies

  “The Halifax Resolves SAR Chapter honors SAR Compatriots with Grave Marking Ceremonies”

 Dateline: October 21, 2023 — The Halifax Resolves Chapter of the North Carolina Sons of the American Revolution, honored four of their compatriots with Grave Marking ceremonies at two different locations on Saturday, October 21, 2023.

The first Compatriot Grave Markings of the day took place at Trinity Church in Scotland Neck, NC, with the Halifax Chapter members and others, honoring and recognizing the graves of Frank Hart Saunders (1897-1960), Luther Rice Mills II (1877-1955) and Dennis Hutson Holliday (1904-1973).  SAR members present at this ceremony included: Steve Avent, Geoffrey S. Pittard, Ken Wilson, David Dowless, and Don Oakes.

The second Compatriot Grave Marking honored Ernest Carl Witt (1945-2021), which took place at the Lasker Town Cemetery in Lasker, NC.  Attendees at this event included: Halifax Resolves Chapter members, Geoffrey S. Pittard, President, and Steve Avent, Region I Vice-President; the Marquis de Lafayette Chapter member David Dowless, President; the Old North State Chapter member Ken Wilson; the Daughter of the American Revolution Constantia Chapter member and Chairperson of the 250th Anniversary Committee, Gloria Womble; many friends and family members of Carl Witt were also present. Many friends and family members of Carl Witt were also present.


L-R: Don Oakes, Steve Avent, David Dowless, Geoffrey S. Pittard, and Ken Wilson.

L-R – Ken Wilson, David Dowless, Steve Avent, and Geoffrey S. Pittard.