Blue Ridge Represented at Battle of Shallow Ford Ceremony

Ron Hillabrand
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Chartered 21 April 1928 in Asheville, North Carolina, later became the Blue Ridge Chapter, and is the oldest active Chapter in Western North Carolina.

On October 14, 2023, Blue Ridge Color Guard member John Boyd, presented at the annual Battle of Shallow Ford ceremony. The original battle took place on October 14, 1780, in Huntsville, North Carolina. A company of 600 Loyalist militia, led by Colonel Gideon Wright and his brother Captain Hezikiah Wright were attempting to cross the Yadkin River to join General Cornwallis in Charlotte, which the British forces captured two weeks prior. Colonel Joseph Williams gathered 300 Patriot militia and laid an ambush at the ford.

A short battle followed, with the Patriot forces winning decisively. The Loyalist militia became scattered and fled. Fifteen casualties were reported, fourteen Loyalists and one Patriot, Henry Francis, a captain in the Virginia militia.

The Battle of Shallow Ford was one of several attempts to delay the British reinforcements to Charlotte, along with the largest Battle of King’s Mountain and other small skirmishes throughout the Carolinas. Facing constant harassment from Patriot militias and unable to secure reinforcements, Cornwallis was forced to retreat south in November.

John Boyd

It is easy to see that the Blue Ridge Chapter is an active, energetic, busy chapter that is always looking for new members to help us reach our challenging goals for the recognition of the sacrifices our Patriots made for us to enjoy all the freedoms we have today.