Triple Grave Marking

Ben Setser
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Triple Grave Marking!
Catawba Valley Chapter SAR was honored to conduct a triple grave marking on Saturday, 14 October 2023 along with Quaker Meadows DAR. We marked and honored Patriots James Kincaid, Robert Kincaid and Jonathan Boone. There were several direct relatives of all three Patriots present, and one of each spoke on their Patriot.
It was a very good crowd, even after the morning rain. This particular cemetery is in the middle of a cow pasture on the northern edge of Burk County. Several years ago, this cemetery was extremely over grown when the ladies from Quaker Meadows DAR discovered it and began their work to refurbish it. I must commend these ladies in taking on this job, and several other old cemeteries in the area.
The owners of the property, Connie and Robert Hallyburton, set up a tent and provided the attendees with with hot coffee, cold drinks, pastries and fruit. These folks were the most gracious of owners that I have ever experienced. Enjoy the photos.