SAR Recognizes Halifax County Sheriff’s Deputies

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The Halifax Resolves Chapter NCSSAR recently recognized three deputies from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department with Law Enforcement Commendation Medals.  These medals recognize those who have served with distinction and devotion in the field of law enforcement. The medal is intended to recognize exceptional service or accomplishment in the field of law enforcement.  This medal may be presented only to an individual and only once. The medal may also be presented posthumously.

Lt. Stevie Salmon

Lt. Stevie Salmon oversees the court division and has approximately 13 deputies, some part-time and three transport deputies that assist with the day-to-day business at the Halifax County Courthouse.  Salmon makes ensures the front desk at the Sheriff’s Office is staffed during business hours and has deputies at the main entrances of the courthouse providing security, ensuring no weapons make it through the front doors.  The lieutenant  is responsible for the safety and order of the courthouse which includes judges, courthouse employees and the general public.  Lt. Salmon not only supervises, but is actively involved in the rotation of deputies during court and security assignments.  He works security, performing scans using a handheld metal detector on citizens coming into the courthouse.  In addition, he works court sessions and sits with mental subjects at the hospital.  Salmon uses good judgment and discretion in performing work and advising deputies in the correct approach to specific assignments when dealing with defendants, lawyers, plaintiffs, and the public.  Approximately 200 to 1000 people pass through the doors of the court house at any one time dependent on the type of court sessions scheduled.  Lt. Salmon also coordinates the transportation of IVC patients and inmates. He and his team ensure IVC patients and inmates are transported safely and on schedule between facilities. This sometimes requires work after normal work hours and on weekends.

Corp. Raymond Chin

On Thursday January 26, 2023 at approximately 9:30pm, Corporal Raymond Chin was following up on a shooting which had happened in the Town of Enfield. The Enfield Police Department were actively investigating the shooting that resulted in two victims.  Chin was speaking to several individuals on Bryant Street seeking information when shots were fired from behind a vacant home nearby. He gave verbal commands to the two individuals to get behind the car and stay down for safety.  Chin stayed with the two individuals until the area  was secured.  This was a very intense situation and Corporal R. Chin kept his composure and relied on his training to ensure the safety of these two individuals.

Deputy Jakota Snider

On Wednesday March 8, 2023 at approximately 2:46am; North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to a hit and run-fatality on Interstate 95 Northbound near the 167-mile marker.  Troopers released a BOLO on the suspect vehicle which was given to Halifax County Sheriff’s Deputies. Deputy Jakota Snider, who was on duty at the time, took the initiative to contact a friend who owns a truck repair shop in Virginia. That friend then started making calls to other repair shops in Virginia about the hit and run-fatality.  The tractor trailer involved was located in Sussex County Virginia and the driver identified.  Deputy Snider’s willingness to reach out to friends about this incident allowed the North Carolina Highway Patrol to continue their investigation with a potential arrest in this matter. At the time of this citation, the North Carolina Highway Patrol Reconstruction Team is in Virginia seizing the tractor trailer.

The presentations were made by Halifax Resolves Chapter Past President Ken Wilson in the office of Halifax County Sheriff Tyree Davis.

L-R: Halifax Resolves Chapter Past President Ken Wilson, Lt. Stevie Salmon, Deputy Jakota Snider, Corp. Raymond Chin and Halifax County Sheriff Tyree Davis