New Bern Chapter Conducts Dry Run for 2020 New Bern Resolves Ceremony

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On the morning of Saturday, August 24th, the NC SAR, New Bern Chapter, along with several other organizations, conducted a “dry run” of a ceremony, which will formally take place in 2020, in observance of the “New Bern Resolves”. The ceremony was held at the site of the 1st and 2nd North Carolina Provincial Congresses. These Congresses took place 245 years ago, when our forefathers’ patience with King George III and his government, had finally run out. In defiance of the Royal government, thirty counties and four towns, in North Carolina, elected 71 delegates to attend the Congresses in New Bern.
Other organizations participating in the dry run were, the Richard Dobbs Spaight and Vesuvius Furnace Chapters of the DAR, the CAR, the New Bern Historical Society, and the North Carolina Center at Tryon Palace.