New Bern Chapter Presents Flag Certificate

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The New Bern Chapter of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) recognized the long-term efforts of the Taberna Flag Committee, led by Glen Killian, with a certificate presentation ceremony at the main entrance flagpole in the scorching morning heat on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. Other members of the Flag Committee assist Glen in the performance of these flag duties around Taberna. Glen accepted the award on behalf of his committee who for many years have performed many “behind-the-scenes” tasks and activities to make certain that Taberna and it’s residents have been able to show patriotism and enjoy proper respect for the American flag throughout the community. The recognition of such patriotic and respectful acts is one key program of the SAR.

As a U.S. Congress chartered organization founded in 1889, the SAR is a lineage organization that consists of males who trace their ancestral roots back to ancestors that served in some supportive capacity in the American Revolutionary War that made our fledgling country free of oppression and established our federal republic form of government. Taberna residents and members of the Sons of the American Revolution led by their Vice-President, Bob Ainsley, included Rick Layton, Secretary; Ed Perkins; David Skaggs and Michael Soares. There were several members of the HOA Board of Directors, as well as many community residents, present to honor Glen and the Flag Committee’s efforts.