Silas McDowell Chapter Hosts Genealogy Workshop

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The Silas McDowell chapter hosted a genealogy workshop for the community and interested membership prospects for joining the SAR. The interested prospects had visited one of our “demonstration” tents at area festivals this summer. We did have approximately 10 people attend the session of which three were ladies. We had four members from the chapter present, President Tom Long (Continental Officer Uniform), VP Don Connelly, Genealogist John Ruble, and visiting NJ chapter past president Bob Haff. Our next “demonstration” tent event will be held at the Mountain Heritage Festival on Sept. 28th at the campus of Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. What we had done in these “demonstration” events was to talk to men and women about what the SAR is about, what our chapter has been doing, answering questions about the Revolutionary War, giving out copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and seeking family members of known Patriots that are buried in the area. (In the photo below, chapter president Tom Long addresses the prospective SAR members.)